Your development at Santander

At Santander, you'll find all the support and training you need to learn new skills and manage your career development.
Providing our people with varied training and learning opportunities is important to us. Your career development is in your own hands, but we'll provide the encouragement and educational tools to help you reach your potential. 
Our Learning at Santander site provides the structured development, information and support you need to progress your knowledge. For security reasons, you can only access the Learning at Santander site if you are logged in to the Santander network. 
Our learing materials are available in many forms, ranging from subject-based factsheets through to structured online courses. Whether you want to expand your knowledge in your current role or focus on broader development and learn a particular subject, you'll find the training, study materials and the support you need.
And if you need specialist training or professional qualifications to take your career to the next level, you can request the support and educational resources to help you achieve the best result.
If you are new to Santander, you'll need to complete a number of mandatory training modules within your first 30 days of joining.
Why not have a look at the Education and Development Policy to understand our approach in more depth?

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