Your first days

We hope you'll settle in quickly, but you're likely to have lots of questions, so here's what to expect when you start your role.
First of all you'll need to know where to go on your first day, what to wear, how to get paid and understand how our induction programme works.
We've designed our new joiner checklist to help you structure your first 90 days in the company, which also covers the personal and job-related activities that need to be completed from week one onwards. Plus, for every new starter, there are mandatory training courses to consider. Your manager will also have their own checklist and will be on hand to support you as you start your new role, then work with you on your training and development goals.
To make your journey smoother from the start, you can also ask your manager to provide you with a buddy. Together your manager and your buddy will help you get up to speed in no time at all.

Need help?

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