Mandatory training

As a bank we have a number of mandatory training modules that must be completed each year, and some additional ones when you're a new starter. Mandatory training is provided to enable all employees and all workers to undertake their role and responsibilities, meet health and safety requirements, protect their own wellbeing and help ensure risks are detected and escalated appropriately. This will help to prevent serious consequences for the bank, our customers, and ultimately yourself.
If you are a new starter or contractor, you must complete this training within your first 30 days of joining. The current mandatory training requirement for a new joiner is;
  • Data protection
  • Fighting Financial Crime
  • The Santander Way
  • Fire Safety
  • Workstation Safety
  • Manual Handling
  • Cyber Security – Phishing
You will be automatically enrolled on the modules listed above, so visit Santander Knowledge to get started on your training today. You may also have some role specific training to complete, if so, you'll be notified separately by your business area.
If you're a new to role People Manager, you'll also need to complete Managing Safety within 30 days of being confirmed in role. You can find this on Santander Knowledge.
Failure to complete your mandatory training within the published timelines will impact your variable pay reward / bonus payment. There may be exceptional circumstances why it has not been possible to complete your training, these will be reviewed on an individual basis before any reward / bonus is affected.
For full variable pay requirements and the impact of failing to complete mandatory training by the published deadline, please refer to the overriding scheme eligibility rules relevant to your business area.
If you have any questions about your Mandatory Training or if you have any issues accessing the system, please email