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Our Behaviours and Values

We know that a really positive working experience will help you to deliver our business goals. In turn, this allows you to develop and use your talents in your role to do your best every day for our people, customers, shareholders and communities.
We exist to help people and businesses prosper. Through working together as a responsible bank, generating profitable growth, we can then invest in the communities we serve. At Santander, we recognise that prosperity means different things to different people. For some people it's about money and wealth, for others it's about enjoying life's moments.
Currently we have over 14 million active customers and around 20,000 employees. We have around 800 branches across the UK with more than 40 regional sites and main offices including Belfast, Bootle, Bradford, Glasgow, Leicester, London and Milton Keynes.

Our Purpose

To help people and businesses prosper.

Our Aim

To be the best bank for our people, customers, shareholders and communities.

Our 2018 Strategy





What we do

To understand what each of us needs to do, we're guided by The Compass. At the core of The Compass is our commitment to be Simple, Personal and Fair in everything we need to do.
We've developed it to keep us on track and measure our progress towards our aim of becoming the best bank. If we travel in the directions set out in the compass, we will achieve this.

Our values

We asked our customers what they wanted from their bank. They told us they wanted it to be simple, personal and fair. So that's what we're doing and we call it the Santander Way.
Building a bank that is simple, personal and fair depends on us - the team. It's about the how. How we treat each other and work together and how we work with our customers.
Simple Personal Fair
  • We will offer our customers a service that is convenient and products that are easy to understand, however and whenever they choose to bank with us
  • We will make our process better every day, so they are and clear for our customer and our people
  • We will treat our customers as valued individuals, providing a professional, personal service they can trust
  • We will support our colleagues to develop their skills and achieve their ambitions
  • We will be open, honest and treat others as we would like to be treated
  • We will earn our investors a sustainable return and do our bit to help communities

How we do things

Our nine behaviours help us live The Santander Way and describe how we should act day-to-day with our colleagues, customers, shareholders and communities to bring simple, personal and fair to life.

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