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At Santander, we expect our people to maintain the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity, so our onboarding process includes a number of employment checks. These checks ensure we remain compliant with relevant legislation and regulation and protect our customers and the bank as a whole.
We complete a number of pre-employment checks before you start work for us. Some regulated roles require all checks to be completed before you start and/or before you complete your training and start in a customer facing role. However, most roles can be started before all our checks are completed but your continued employment will be subject to their satisfactory completion. You'll be advised of the standards that apply to your role.
We may contact you if we require additional information to carry out employment checks. This may take the form of additional proof of address, 3 months' bank statements, tax office documents, information to explain any non standard history etc. 

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

You can call the Resourcing Consultant who is handling your application or call the Resourcing Team responsible for employment check queries on 0844 561 9617.

Pre Employment Checks:

Financial, credit & fraud checks

We review a number of internal and external databases to gather information on your previous and current financial, credit and fraud history.
Our employment checks include using an external credit reference agency to assess your history of money management. A credit report will show us your current and previous addresses and any addresses you and any financial associates are linked to. It will additionally provide information on your credit accounts and show any late or default payments.
If you hold a bank account or any other form of credit with a company that does not subscribe to this external credit reference agency, you will be asked to supply alternative evidence of your financial status e.g. last 3 month's bank statements.
If we are unable to fully complete these checks, for example, if you are a non UK resident or have been living abroad, you will be given the opportunity to provide alternative information to satisfy our requirements. 

Pre-placement medical checks

For further information, see the ‘Pre-Employment Health Questionnaire' page.

Additional Employment Checks:

Criminal record checks

We carry out criminal record checks on all people who join Santander. For all roles, we ask prospective employees to declare if they have any unspent criminal convictions. We also ask you to give us your permission to carry out a criminal records check. Depending on your role, we will complete either a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Standard check or a Basic Disclosure Scotland (BDS) check. We aim to complete this check before you start although this is only mandatory for roles requiring a DBS check.
If we are unable to obtain information to satisfy this check, for example, if you are a non UK resident, we will ask you to provide the equivalent check from your country of residence. 

Background reference checks

You will be asked to provide background details for a period going back 3 or 5 years depending on your role. This should include previous employers, any education periods, periods of unemployment or self employment. You will be asked to detail any gaps, the reasons for these and you may be asked to provide supporting evidence.

Employment history

We will ask your previous and/or current employer(s) for references with your permission. If a reference from a previous employer is unobtainable e.g. the company is no longer trading, we will ask you to supply alternative evidence such as confirmation of employment from the HMRC, payslips, P45 or a P60.

Periods of unemployment

For periods of unemployment, we will require a written explanation and evidence of receipt of benefits or authority to obtain confirmation from the Department of Work and Pensions.

Self employed

If you have been self-employed or operated as a sole trader, you will be asked to provide evidence for the dates provided together with a copy of the last published accounts. If this is unobtainable, confirmation may also be sought from an independent trade body or franchised organisation or from HMRC.

Exams and qualifications

For certain roles, exams or qualifications may be required and you may need to provide evidence e.g. original certificates.

Regulatory requirements

Certain roles may need additional checks or documents in order to fulfil the Regulatory Bodies requirements. You'll be informed if the role you've applied for has these regulatory requirements and we'll provide you with any additional documents that need to be completed.

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