Before you start

Before you start, our onboarding process will ensure that employment checks are completed or in progress, that you have received a full contract of employment and your details are set up in our people system ready for you to join. This section outlines the steps involved and how long the process takes.

Overview of Santander Onboarding Process

Step 1 – Provisional Offer
You will have received a provisional offer in writing from us. As part of this process, you will have been asked to provide ID for verification and validation of your eligibility to work in the UK.
If you are currently in employment, we strongly recommend at this stage, that you do not tender your resignation until the outcome of our pre-employment checks are confirmed.
You can expect to receive your formal offer letter and employment contract within 10 to 15 working days from receipt of your provisional offer. Your offer may take a shorter or longer period to process depending on your individual circumstances.
Step 2 – Reference Information & Medical Forms
You will receive an email with a link and instructions to complete the above online forms. Please complete these within 48 hours from receipt as our pre-employment checks will not start until we have received this information.
Step 3 – Pre-Employment Checks
Following receipt of your online forms, we complete a number of pre-employment checks. See our section on References & Checks for further details.
Step 4 – Confirmation of Satisfactory Pre-Employment Checks & Start Date
Your Resourcing Consultant will contact you by telephone or email to confirm the outcome of our pre-employment checks. Assuming these are satisfactory, your Resourcing Consultant will agree a start date with you and your new line manager at Santander.
If you are currently in employment, in order to confirm a start date, you may need to tender your resignation at this time. However, you should be aware that your employment is conditional on the satisfactory completion of additional employment checks that may not be fully completed until after you join Santander. Let your Resourcing Consultant know if this causes you any concerns. For further details, see our section on References & Checks for further details.
Step 5 – Offer & Contract of Employment
Following confirmation of your start date, you will be issued with a formal offer letter and contract of employment.
Step 6 – Additional Employment Checks
Additional employment checks commence after your pre-employment checks have been completed. On average, these checks take between 3 and 6 weeks to complete. If you have agreed to start quickly in your new role, perhaps because you do not have any notice period or only a short notice period in your current employment, these checks may not be completed until after your start date.
We will contact you and your line manager if anything arises from these additional checks that require further consideration and action.
See our section on References & Checks for further details.
Step 7 – Preparation / Induction
Your Resourcing Consultant and/or your new line manager at Santander will contact you before you join to confirm arrangements for your first day.
Your new manager is responsible for organising your local orientation and induction and where appropriate, for enrolling you on one of our group induction days.
Download our Welcoming You checklist for new colleagues to help you plan for and monitor your progress in completing relevant induction activities in your first months in Santander. A similar checklist is available for all line managers to assist them in welcoming you to Santander and in planning your induction.

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