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In your first few days with Santander your manager will provide you with your employee number and depending upon your business area, your personalised Santander email address. You'll also need access to our systems and this is managed by your hiring manager who will guide you to the correct systems.  
In case you have to refer to any application forms, you will need to know there are two main types of systems access that can be granted, XPC access and XPB access. XPC workstations are mainly used in our head offices and XPB workstations are largely used in the Retail branch network.
The type of access you need depends on your individual business area. The main difference between the two types of access is that XPB gives you access to Partenon, our banking system, and XPC gives you access to standard business related applications.
Your hiring manager will complete the Access Request Form on your behalf before you start so you should have access to the network from day one.
You may also need to use HR Online, our personnel system. Click here for a guide on how to navigate around HR Online. For security reasons, you can only access the HR Online site and tutorials if you are logged into the Santander network.
You may need to use your staff number and/or your E number.  
What's the difference between your staff number and your E number?
Your staff number is 8 digits without a letter at the front; your E number is your staff number with the last digit removed and an E added at the front:
Staff Number   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
E Number E 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  
Once you have obtained your E number you will be required to register for Password Manager. Registering only takes a couple of minutes and will enable you to reset your own network password instantly online whenever the need arises.
You can register by clicking on the link below which will open Quest Password Manager. You will then be required to select your domain from the drop down menu and enter your logon ID starting with C, G or E.

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