It is important that you have the right levels access to your place of work.  Working in a bank does mean that we're tight on security.
You'll be issued with an ID pass.  Your manager will help you with this and the ID pass will grant to you access to the sites you need. Your ID pass allows you to swipe in and out of the buildings as needed and must be worn at all times when at work.
Until you have been issued with a pass, you'll be required to sign in and out for safety purposes.  Anyone being signed in must be escorted by a member of staff, so your manager or a colleague will be able to assist you.
We often have meetings or events where visitors will come on site.  All visitors must be signed in and escorted through the premises.
Finally, there are areas which have restricted access.  Should you work within one of these areas, your manager will be able to ensure access is granted at the time your ID pass is being issued.

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