Bank account

You need to have a Santander UK bank account (or your account with one of the group's UK companies, including cahoot and Cater Allen) for your salary to be paid into. If you have any questions about opening a Santander UK bank account please contact your line manager in the first instance. 
You will need to enter your Santander UK bank account details into your personal record on HR Online, our personnel system, so that you get paid. Once your bank account has been set up, your line manager will be able to help you to register the following details on HR Online: 
  • Bank sort code
  • Account number (and roll number, if appropriate)
You will need your employee number to log on to HR Online – this will be provided to you by your line manager or your induction course tutor.
Click here to go to the HR Online system - for security reasons, you can only do this if you are logged in to the Santander network.
To open a Santander staff account please go to your nearest Santander branch, if this is not possible speak to your Santander resourcing contact once you have your employee number.

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