Advance's Objective

To improve the working lives of its members in partnership with Santander UK and the UK Global Businesses by being their informed voice at work.

Who are Advance?

Advance are an independent trade union, affiliated to the TUC, that operates exclusively in Santander UK, the UK Global Businesses and Geoban. Santander and Advance work in partnership and have a meeting framework that ensures Advance are regularly consulted across the business on both national and local matters. The more members Advance has, the more effectively it can represent everyone's views and make every business area a better place to work.
Santander UK, the UK Global Businesses and Geoban encourage union membership. Advance has a network of representatives across the company who want to hear your views and feedback. They are able to help you get advice, information and representation when you need it. 

Advance Membership

Advance also opens up a world of exclusive members benefits. For a start, you are automatically on our mailing list for our regular magazine which lists a huge range of special offers, discounts, exclusive products and services as well as being able to take part in the monthly Advance lottery.
To join Advance or obtain more information either visit or call the Advance office on 01442 891122. Advance will only assist employees who are members of the union.